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There’s no question protecting that data is essential. But not all solutions are created equal, and in the case of a data loss event, the solution you rely on can make or break your business.

Business managers today have real concerns when it comes to data protection. With rising downtime costs, pressing data privacy concerns, crippling non-compliance costs, and ever-evolving digital security threats, we’ve entered a new era.

 – is data protection still enough?

Boundaries between data protection and cyber security are certainly blurred such that it’s much more than backup that’s required to keep data safe. Businesses trust MSPs to deliver solutions that stay ahead of all problems (or practically speaking, solve them before they know there even was one).

The new generation of data protection is cyber protection – and only Acronis delivers it.

Specifically, cyber protection has five core characteristics:

  • Safety: Ensuring that a reliable copy of a business’ data is always available
  • Accessibility: Making it easy for a business’ data to be available from anywhere, at any time
  • Privacy: Controlling visibility and access to company data
  • Authenticity: Providing an easy way to prove that a copy is an exact replica of the original
  • Security: Protecting data against threats and malicious agents

While legacy solutions can offer basic data protection, only cyber protection combats modern threats like ransomware and keeps data totally secure. This means that entities working with Acronis certified MSPs can provide complete and secure backup efficiently, easily, and reliably – so customer data is always accessible, even when disaster strikes.